Candace di Talamo is a South African artist and illustrator who once-upon-a-time, in the prenatal era, created special effects for films in London. She moved to Cape Town with a babe on her hip and a quirky idea for a business. The definition of kink is a short tight twist, a quirk, an imperfection and a clever unusual way of doing something.

Kink Ink designs reflect Candace's personality, off-centre (to the left, to the left), with a dash of dark humour and a large pinch of sass. She creates all the artwork by hand, working with black ink and brushes, and incorporating other mixed media. The finished artworks are then transferred to Photoshop, where she gets them print-ready.

Candace lives in Hout Bay with two kids, two dogs, three cats and a lumberjack.



 Art, fashion and green living combine to create wearable art from upcycled vintage designer classics. From beautifully worn denim to retro sweatshirts, each vintage find is assessed to ensure it is flawlessly constructed before being lovingly transformed into an exquisite one-of-a-kind piece.

 Candace discovered a love for treasure hunting whilst living in London and would spend hours trawling through the city’s vintage stores, charity shops and car boot sales in search of garments she could spin into an eccentric wardrobe for herself. She spends hours creating each piece, painstakingly hand painting exquisite designs, creating unique patterning with bleach or dye, and adding intricate trims. Kinked is a treasure trove for fashion lovers who love to express their unique style.