Candace DiTalamo

Kinked, What!?


Art, fashion and green living combine to create wearable art from upcycled vintage designer classics. From beautifully worn denim to retro sweatshirts, each vintage find is assessed to ensure it is flawlessly constructed before being lovingly transformed into an exquisite one-of-a-kind piece.


Kinked is a collaboration between artist Candace di Talamo and former international fashion model turned corporate exec, Elle Quinton. The two met while working on an art project at their children’s Waldorf school. They found an instant connection through their love of a good laugh and shared interests in art, fashion and sustainability.


Elle and Candace spend hours creating each piece, painstakingly hand painting exquisite designs, creating unique patterning with bleach or dye, and adding intricate trims. Kinked is a treasure trove for fashion lovers who love to express their unique style. 

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